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Bill Clinton [104]
Bill Clinton [104]
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2017-06-04 00:15:50 [258 days ago]
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2,816,440 [88 days of tax]
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125,738 (x0.68)


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Our clan name does not mean anything in particular, it's just a stupid name and it is how we feel about things in general. Sorry if you don't like it, don't go away being all pissed off about it, just go away. Quit the game and don't let the door hit you in the arse on yer way out...

We simply are trying to escape the ignorance that is the unpleasant and depressing ignorance of life in this world as it is today, especially the ignorant and banal aspects of ignorance that is present in the world of Bots4. The ignorance that we are is simply our lack of knowledge about the ways of the world and of how things are really supposed to work in Bots4 in particular. We have chosen to be escapism ignoramus' and deliberately chose to ignore the real world and the real way that Bots4 has become.

We just do our own thing which is stupid actually and that is to totally ignore how things really work in the game. We are clan Escapism Ignorance and we chose to deliberately ignore the constant drama and sadness that is Bots4 even though we are probably the main cause for it, along with the ignoramus game owner. It's just too scary and boring foolishness to be taken seriously.

  1. Escapism is the avoidance of unpleasant, boring, arduous, scary, or banal aspects of daily life. It can also be used as a term to define the actions people take to help relieve persisting feelings of depression or general sadness. (Hmmmm... So that's why they do what they do...)

  2. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. The word ignorant is an adjective describing a person in the state of being unaware, and is often (incorrectly) used to describe individuals who deliberately ignore or disregard important information or facts. (As the old saying goes, "Ignorance is Bliss." The more you think about it, bliss is preferable to what goes on in Bots. Sad... Very Sad...

Confucius say: "Do not do unto others what you do not want done unto yourself."

(The Bots 4 meaning of the above statement of this famous quote is as follows:

"Do not do unto others what you do not want done unto yourself and then get all pissed off when somebody complains about it. Don't start spouting off about how great you are, how much you like to help others and how you are "just playing the game the way it was designed to be played." It was not designed to be played the way you play it. Either play real wars all the time or don't just play it in the selective way you do in order to f... with other players. If you want to be believed then get rid of the countless numbers of dumpers you use and actually play the real wars game all the time, not only when it suits you. Don't sit on your high horse claiming that "just playing the game" crap as being true...

Confucius say: "Escapism have thin skin." (This was actually a quote used by an unnamed Escapism leader and now they have Confucius saying it. How very sad indeed...)

Bill Clinton say: "Well now, if Confucius say "Escapism have thin skin," then who am I to say otherwise. In fact "Bill Clinton say: This is indeed a great clan motto!"

Captain Picard say: "Make it so!"


rank logo level rank botname username plats wins losses ratio energy energy month EPH status manage
1 [101] Ignoramous Pant Suit Devil5 Pant Suit Devil5
1,412 1,840 0.77 77,810 16,758 (x1.00) 42 offline
2 [101] Ignoramous Pant Suit Devil4 Pant Suit Devil4
1,256 2,507 0.50 46,512 9,940 (x1.00) 23 offline
3 [60] Ignoramous One Eyed Jack One Eyed Jack
669 2,083 0.32 37,461 7,971 (x1.00) 20 offline
4 [60] Ignoramous Plank Dancer Plank Dancer
740 1,982 0.37 37,430 7,940 (x0.99) 20 offline
5 [59] Ignoramous Donald John Trump Killary Killer
1 4,901 892 5.49 81,353 6,594 (x0.42) 21 offline
6 [62] Ignoramous Paula Jones Paula Jones
403 4,095 0.10 64,782 6,428 (x0.81) 20 offline
7 [59] Ignoramous Terminator 2017 Terminator 2017
1 2,573 812 3.17 77,504 6,396 (x0.42) 20 offline
8 [59] Ignoramous Devil9chaser Devil9chaser
1 3,103 950 3.27 77,713 6,306 (x0.41) 20 offline
9 [59] Ignoramous Infant X Infant X
1 2,711 903 3.00 77,439 6,161 (x0.40) 20 offline
10 [61] Ignoramous Anthony Weiner Anthony Weiner
307 3,872 0.08 60,602 5,893 (x0.74) 20 offline
11 [61] Ignoramous Hollywood Elites
316 3,656 0.09 61,755 5,824 (x0.73) 20 offline
12 [60] Ignoramous Ensign McSwaggers Ensign McSwaggers
419 2,402 0.17 48,539 5,821 (x0.73) 20 offline
13 [63] Ignoramous Huma Abedin Huma Abedin
440 4,084 0.11 58,945 5,805 (x0.73) 20 offline
14 [62] Ignoramous Special Prosecutor Special Prosecutor
419 3,746 0.11 60,826 5,767 (x0.72) 20 offline
15 [60] Ignoramous Davy Jones Locker Davy Jones Locker
295 3,119 0.09 35,264 5,762 (x0.72) 20 offline
16 [63] Ignoramous FBI Agent Investigator
409 3,941 0.10 61,579 5,758 (x0.72) 20 offline
17 [60] Ignoramous Barnacle Bill Barnacle Bill
486 2,178 0.22 46,258 5,649 (x0.71) 20 offline
18 [60] Ignoramous Rum Bot Rum Bot
344 3,520 0.10 56,738 4,965 (x0.62) 20 offline
19 [104] President Ignoramous Bill Clinton Bill Clinton
791 2,861 0.28 0 0 (x0.00) 20 offline
20 [100] Ignoramous Pant Suit Devil6 Pant Suit Devil6
890 2,311 0.39 0 0 (x0.00) 20 offline


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