What's happening

4 bots (from 3 unique IP addresses) are online and have been active within the past 60 minutes:

logo level botname username clan plats location chat idle
[371] Talisker Samuli
<Dwarf Gang> 84 training against X-Extreme offline 8 seconds
[94] Derp It Derp It 1 fighting against Stage VI [100] offline 18 seconds
[41] Heheeee Heheeee fighting against MoJiSu [41] offline 50 minutes
[3] kudocunt016 kudocunt016
in the showroom offline 12 seconds

More details

Here you can see how many bots people are playing at once (you're allowed up to 5 bots online at once per IP):

number of bots people doing this
1 2
2 1
3 0
4 0
5 0

Here you can see how many bots are online per clan:

clan number of bots
clanless 3
<Dwarf Gang> 1


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