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Congrats to ReneDescartes [297] for leading <Escapism> to victory in the December 2017 clan competition and securing a 28th George Washington platinum trophy! Monthly energy has been reset and a new round has begun.

rank clan owner energy month
1 <Escapism> ReneDescartes [297]
14,550,158 (x16.32)
2 <Pirate Haven> The Pirate [246]
1,889,399 (x2.15)
3 <Reaper of souls> diablek [271]
1,617,334 (x1.81)
4 <Platinium Squad> jezz [357]
1,603,942 (x1.80)
5 <Silence is Golden> Dennis Reynolds [26] 1,001,711 (x1.30)
6 <Rapture> Satanus Inaximasus [336]
975,941 (x1.09)
7 <Knights Templar> Crusader [100]
952,093 (x1.08)
8 <Loop> Loop01 [67] 939,776 (x1.07)
9 <Haters> Hate01 [132] 928,266 (x1.05)
10 <Mordor> weep20 [100] 926,994 (x1.04)

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Posted by Ender on Wednesday, December 20, 2017, 4:05:11 am (ET)

I won't make excuses. 2017 wasn't a great year for the game in terms of my involvement. I burned out on my admin duties pretty hard earlier this year, so very few features/improvements were made to the game during this time. I took a big step back from the game for many months. The hope was that this might rekindle my interest and motivation, but I mostly moved on with my life instead.

I recently took on a management role at my day job, so I'm doing less programming in my day-to-day duties. This in turn means my desire to write code is no longer being satisfied as frequently by my day job, which is good news for the game. A few weeks ago I got my toes wet by going through a bunch of miscellaneous bugs that had accumulated while I was away. It was fun!

I'll be traveling for about a month starting in a couple days, but when I return in 2018, I'm hoping to make it the year of this game's resurgence in popularity and activity. I'm willing to invest my time and a substantial amount of money (read: advertising) to grow it.

Finally, without going into details, I know many of you want action taken regarding certain things that have gone on this year. I'm sorry I haven't replied to any of the bmails about this. It's a lot to sort through and I want to do it right. I promise you'll hear back on this in time and that there will be satisfying resolutions. I appreciate your patience and understanding here.

So here's to 2018 - I hope you have a great holiday season and I'll see you all next year. Thank you, as always, for playing. :)

Congrats to ReneDescartes [290] for leading <Escapism> to victory in the November 2017 clan competition and securing a 27th George Washington platinum trophy! Monthly energy has been reset and a new round has begun.

rank clan owner energy month
1 <Escapism> ReneDescartes [290]
6,657,764 (x8.77)
2 <Pirate Haven> The Pirate [242]
2,821,627 (x3.40)
3 <Platinium Squad> jezz [356]
1,270,294 (x1.47)
4 <PMS> Mentos [47]
1,045,833 (x1.29)
5 <Duks> rix105 [74]
978,139 (x1.13)
6 <Keep> Fore [100] 925,453 (x1.07)
7 <Reaper of souls> diablek [271]
924,599 (x1.07)
8 <Boom> boom05 [100] 919,447 (x1.11)
9 <Ophidian> Oph2 [100] 912,205 (x1.05)
10 <Mordor> weep20 [100] 902,437 (x1.04)

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This announcement actually isn't about bots4 itself, but will probably interest a good number of players. The Bots Unauthorized build calculator forum output feature now supports the bots4 forum formatting. Previously it was producing output tailored for the long-defunct bots2.

This should make it much easier/prettier to share builds on the forums and bmails. Enjoy!

Posted by Ender on Saturday, November 18, 2017, 4:34:21 pm (ET)

Thank you to dorkerdevil for reporting this vulnerability! Given that this was a severe bug, I have given 10 stars as a reward in accordance with the game's responsible disclosure policy. Happy hunting to anyone this motivates. :)

For those curious, this was a reflected XSS attack. This article is a good summary of how these types of attack work, but the quick summary is that a malicious attacker could have sent you a link that, if you clicked it, would have given them access to your in-game account. Vigilant users can avoid these kinds of attacks - if someone you don't know sends you a fishy-looking link, you probably shouldn't click it. But even better is to reduce the number of vulnerabilities that can be exploited in this way by attackers, which I've now done thanks to dorkerdevil's report.

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