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Congrats to Shoegazer [102] for leading <Eternal> to victory in the March 2015 clan competition and securing a 12th George Washington platinum trophy! Monthly energy has been reset and a new round has begun.

rank clan owner energy month
1 <Eternal> Shoegazer [102]
4,286,087 (x5.09)
2 <Alliance> Pothead [100]
2,828,571 (x3.28)
3 <Escapism> ReneDescartes [237]
2,237,118 (x2.58)
4 <Atreides> Crab Whistler [130]
1,523,837 (x1.75)
5 <Zion> LittleCause [90]
1,291,685 (x1.49)
6 <Equilibrium> Cleric [92] 1,101,998 (x4.49)
7 <Peace> ACE 10 [55]
1,098,895 (x1.24)
8 <Elemental> Cerebus [43]
1,072,469 (x1.24)
9 <Reservoir Dogs> Mr Green [80] 1,069,502 (x1.29)
10 <Platinium Squad> neps0 [70] 1,019,586 (x1.15)

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Registration for tournament edition 2 is just under 12 hours away! The actual tournament will happen precisely 5 days after that. Here are the changes you can expect to see:

  • Based on feedback, the existing category 1, which is level 201+, has been split. The new category 1 is level 301+ and the new category 2 is level 201-300. All other categories have been shifted as needed and there are now 17 categories in total instead of 16.
  • Based on feedback, entry fees have been substantially reduced. They are now 20% of what they used to be.

And here are some other goodies for tournament results that you can expect to see roll out over the next few weeks:

  • Tournament landing page - Right now the only place to jump into tournament results is from the homepage and even that link will temporarily go away once the next tournament is scheduled. This new landing page will be a one-stop shop for all tournament needs.
  • In-depth clan results - See how all bots in a particular clan fared in a particular tournament edition.
  • Navigation between editions/categories - Same idea as how you can "scroll" between months in the monthly clan race history, you'll be able to "scroll" between editions and categories within editions.
  • Historical bot results - Similar to monthly clan race history for bots, see performance of a bot across multiple tournament editions.
  • Historical clan results - Similar to monthly clan race history for clans, see performance of a clan across multiple tournament editions.
Posted by Ender on Sunday, March 1, 2015, 11:37:58 pm (ET)

My host has informed me that there's going to be some unavoidable downtime on Saturday, March 7, at 4pm UTC (so 11am EST, which is server time) to apply a security patch to their servers. I've also setup this link which will serve as a countdown so that you don't have to think about the timezone nonsense:

Countdown to downtime

The game will be completely inaccessible during this time. Note that the downtime window is 2 hours, but it might not actually take that long. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Congrats to Singularis [175] for leading <Escapism> to victory in the February 2015 clan competition and securing a 1st George Washington platinum trophy! Monthly energy has been reset and a new round has begun.

rank clan owner energy month
1 <Escapism> Singularis [175] 3,934,280 (x4.93)
2 <Eternal> Shoegazer [102]
3,570,258 (x4.43)
3 <Elemental> chimpus [99]
1,936,840 (x2.42)
4 <Zion> LittleCause [90]
1,486,460 (x2.06)
5 <Alliance> Pothead [100]
1,339,802 (x1.69)
6 <Atreides> Experimental [281]
1,259,227 (x1.62)
7 <Platinium Squad> neps0 [70] 974,312 (x1.21)
8 <Peace> ACE 10 [55]
947,210 (x1.18)
9 <Reservoir Dogs> Mr Green [80] 943,366 (x1.32)
10 <Berzerker Barbarians> mrvain [138]
901,939 (x1.12)

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Posted by Ender on Saturday, February 28, 2015, 8:00:43 pm (ET)

In case you haven't heard, a bug was discovered in the tournament code that significantly affected the results of edition 1. Because of this, the results are invalid and the tournament will be repeated.

No action is required on your part. The same snapshot of bots from the original tournament will be used to run the tournament because that part of the code was unaffected. I will be taking down the existing results soon and will be moving the tournament's state back to "scheduled".

I'll re-run the tournament either tonight or tomorrow. I'll also make sure that per-bot results are available from the start to help give confidence in the validity of the results. If all goes smoothly and folks are generally satisfied with the output, sometime after that I will give out trophies and other awards.

Sorry about this everyone. As I mentioned on the bug thread, I take pride in the quality of this game and this is probably the most glaring issue bots4 has ever had so far in its 4.5 year stretch. It was just subtle enough to be able to trick an untrained eye during testing (read: me), but was obvious enough to anyone fully investing their time and energy into this game (read: you).

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