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Ensign Plunderpuss [81]
Ensign Plunderpuss [81]
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2017-06-09 12:57:05 [228 days ago]
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918,316 [59.5 days of tax]
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207,981 (x1.00)


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                                         Escapism Real Wars
                                  the tendency to escape from daily reality or routine 
                                by indulging in daydreaming, fantasy, or entertainment
                                e.g., etc - This is total BS. Is busting peoples arses for the fun of it considered Escapism?

~ Background ~

~~~~The idea behind our clan name can largely be seen in the above definition; nearly all of us attempt to escape everyday life in some way. Here in Escapism, we do so by clicking links. We also do it by playing a selective form of Real Wars and that means that we "play the game the way it was designed to be played" and we do it only when we want to piss other players off and try to drive them from the game. Unfortunately this selective form of Real Wars goes against the way the game is really played and that is to continuously bash weak whore bots for easy energy and by dumping even more energy on to our bots in order to win month after month.

Founded in March 2012, Escapism was created at a time when there was no true clan competition at all owing to the dominance of Eternal. However there was at least some competition and it wasn't always an easy walk over for each and every one of Eternal's monthly wins. Now there is absolutely no competition and we pretty much just sleep walk through every month and then come on at the end of the month to crush any upstarts efforts by clearing out the competitions energy and dumping energy like crazy on to our bots. Thats the "Real Wars" that we play. So are all of these wins really as impressive as Eternal's wins were? Actually, they aren't impressive at all and they are really quite pitiful. At least Eternal played the game the way it really is and they bashed weak whores while not sitting on some high horse exclaiming how great they were.

With time, failure, strict recruitment, strategy and teamwork, Escapism eventually became the first clan other than Eternal to win the monthly clan competition in December 2012. Since then we have secured more #1 monthly finishes than any other clan, ensuring a legacy that speaks for itself. That legacy speaks for its self in many other quite unsavory ways and it is kind of sad for a clan that claims to be so great. We bash other players whores not because we need the energy to win but because we desire to mess with them and so that they have no opportunity to score anything. We fight other people while they are on line for the sole purpose of disrupting their efforts to do anything and we steal their kudos and energy because that's the way the game was designed to be played and screw what anybody else thinks. They should just find another online game to play if they don't like it. We play selective Real Wars and rape other players weak (non freaked bots) and then claim that the game is being played the way it was designed to be played when in reality the game has evolved in to a simple whore bashing affair. We would probably win anyway but we like to punish other players for non-conformance and for disagreeing with out mantra of Escapism greatness! However if that "playing the game" theory really was true then we would completely do away with our army of dumpers and never fight an easy whore again. We will never ever do that because then our easy win streak might end and we don't want that to happen because we are making history! So in reality we are completely full of bull crap and that is the real truth about our form of Escapism and what our great legacy is really based on.

Although time may have wearied us, we continue to be active in the clan competition and have a number of experienced veterans and new players alike in our clan, all of whom are willing to compete in the energy race as life will allow it. Ok, whatever you say. The reality of that and the real truth is that we aim to dominate every single aspect of the game (which we do already). We try to make other players conform to our ways or we try very hard to make them go away and in effect quit the game. We already win every tournament, every month, have all the top leveled bots and we bitch at other players that are just too lazy to do what we did. Now our aim is to win every single individual top 10 and to drive every single player or clan that may happen to challenge us completely out of the game. We practice harassment, we play dirty when nobody else does it or would even think about doing it, we infiltrate other clans in order to spy and to bust ass on their clan forums and much more stuff too stupid to even bother mentioning here. That's the real Escapism story and what it's true legacy really is. We have the games admin in our pocket, we moderate and own the forum and if you don't like it then screw you. It's shameful actually but it is what we are, so go screw yourself and quit if you don't like it... With that said, all of us are NOT like what has been described above...


~ Ranks ~

Somnium      ~    The Dream    Rene owns you
Animus       ~    The Mind     [voted]
Eximius      ~    Excellence   [5mil]
Adepto       ~    To Seek      [2mil]
Dictrictio   ~    Distraction  [New members]

~ Competitions ~

~~~~Although we currently have no star competition, in the past 10+ permanent stars have been offered to members based on their scoring efforts. A big thankyou to whomever, we don't care anymore, Somebody and Somebody Else for funding these competitions. We also have a large pool of temporary stars available to members based on need and the fact that they become brainwashed and bow down to our greatness. A big thankyou again to Somebody Else along with Who Cares for providing the majority of those stars.

~ Applicants ~

~~~~We are always looking to bolster our member ranks. Feel free to apply, yada, yada, yada... zzzzzz... here, but we would also like you to send a bmail to Somebody that don't give a hoot detailing who you are and why you'd like to join us. These are some of the qualities we like to see in prospective applicants:

~~~~~ Good activity with positive energy contributions (Yawn, yeah sure, whatever)
~~~~~ Willingness to learn and adapt, no, make that conform to our ways.

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rank logo level rank botname username plats wins losses ratio energy energy month EPH status manage
1 [60] Animus Orangebeard Orangebeard
192 3,185 0.06 51,671 11,010 (x1.00) 20 offline
2 [64] Animus Captain Barfmaster Captain Barfmaster
410 4,050 0.10 49,858 10,990 (x1.00) 20 offline
3 [61] Dictrictio Peg Leg Peg Leg
325 3,677 0.09 49,241 10,980 (x1.00) 20 offline
4 [63] Dictrictio Shark Bait Shark Bait
201 3,795 0.05 49,094 10,980 (x1.00) 20 offline
5 [61] Eximius Calico Jack Calico Jack
200 3,523 0.06 50,724 10,980 (x1.00) 20 offline
6 [60] Dictrictio Henry Morgan Henry Morgan
212 3,449 0.06 49,645 10,980 (x1.00) 20 offline
7 [61] Adepto Bluebeard Bluebeard
476 3,717 0.13 51,012 10,980 (x1.00) 20 offline
8 [60] Dictrictio Sea Wolf Sea Wolf
240 3,633 0.07 47,123 10,980 (x1.00) 20 offline
9 [63] Dictrictio Corsair Corsair
317 3,586 0.09 48,939 10,980 (x1.00) 20 offline
10 [60] Eximius Brownbeard Brownbeard
338 3,499 0.10 50,234 10,980 (x1.00) 20 offline
11 [60] Dictrictio White Beard White Beard
413 1,792 0.23 36,844 10,980 (x1.00) 20 offline
12 [60] Dictrictio Parrot Polly Parrot Polly
407 3,182 0.13 47,328 10,980 (x1.00) 20 offline
13 [60] Dictrictio Walker D Plank Walker D Plank
300 3,336 0.09 46,402 10,980 (x1.00) 20 offline
14 [60] Animus Silverbeard Silverbeard
279 3,215 0.09 48,511 10,980 (x1.00) 20 offline
15 [64] Dictrictio Lieutenant Stubby Lieutenant Stubby
457 3,839 0.12 49,358 10,978 (x1.00) 20 offline
16 [61] Adepto Greybeard Greybeard
329 3,403 0.10 46,573 10,960 (x1.00) 20 offline
17 [60] Dictrictio Scurvy Dawg Scurvy Dawg
221 3,449 0.06 46,018 10,960 (x1.00) 20 offline
18 [61] Dictrictio Redbeard Redbeard
181 3,255 0.06 38,144 10,910 (x0.99) 20 offline
19 [62] Eximius Pie Rat Pie Rat
396 3,489 0.11 47,966 10,413 (x0.95) 20 offline
20 [81] Somnium Ensing Plunderpuss Ensign Plunderpuss
62 2,698 0.02 2,180 0 (x0.00) 20 offline


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