Ender [1]
2024-06-01 00:10:01
[15 days ago]

Congrats to Esvrainzas [300] for leading <Lusitania> to victory in the May 2024 clan competition and securing a 13th George Washington platinum trophy! Monthly energy has been reset and a new round has begun.

rank clan owner energy month
1 <Lusitania> Esvrainzas [300]
22,222,221 (x25.12)
2 <Apex> Tucks I [132] 8,740,228 (x10.17)
3 <Mount Wario> Mr Poo [200]
1,088,099 (x1.22)
4 <Silence is Golden> Maleficent [227]
961,908 (x1.11)
5 <Chainsaw Man> Chainsaw Man [75] 946,750 (x1.07)
6 <Rapture> Satanus Inaximasus [342]
926,512 (x1.04)
7 <The North> Oxyk [76]
925,551 (x1.10)
8 <Ophidian> Oph1 [100] 906,854 (x1.02)
9 <Zals Castle> MrZal2 [100] 905,186 (x1.01)
10 <OP Bots4> Luthrinator [130]
905,125 (x1.01)

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Smeagol [381]
2024-06-01 00:10:48
[15 days ago]

Grats, well done :)

NBA XI [41]
2024-06-01 03:48:40
[15 days ago]


Gpof2 [132]
2024-06-01 08:48:41
[14 days ago]

Grats guys, fish and lomu are animals

ProjectPower [26]
2024-06-01 08:56:44
[14 days ago]

It's a team effort, but yes they are very good scoring machines!

Juv0 [134]
2024-06-01 11:52:03
[14 days ago]

well done guys..

Nosferatu [319]
2024-06-01 18:33:18
[14 days ago]

Nice work.

Esvrainzas [300]
2024-06-01 20:02:03
[14 days ago]

Thank you all. What can I say? It was a dream that come true. I've led a clan to the victory, and what a victory! Not only we ended Apex 28 month streak but we also beat the record that they have set in April, making us the strongest (but still not the best) clan of bots4 history. If Apex ended their streak with a bang, we definitely got our first win in an epic way.

I didn't score much but I think my contribution to the success of the clan comes in other ways. I think this proves I'm not a bad leader lol

Anyway, I should give props to whom really deserve it, the team that made 22.222.221 energy (Zach spoiled the party but it's ok because it also means that after a series of 2nd places, we finally got 1st):

  • Fishwick: entered beast mode and I've never seen him score like this. 1.000.000, 2.000.000 and now 3.000.000. You know you need to continue the sequence. Anyway, it was really a big effort from you, thank you so much. You are indeed HIM.

  • Laser Kiwi/LOMU/Mojo/Mr Poo (you are known by many names now lol): maybe he didn't score as much as Fishwick but he was pretty close. A true team player! When I was starting Lusitania, I've found in him the person that I needed to develop the clan. For me he is the 2nd in charge, next GW will be for you! This guy invested time in preparing for the win, building dumpers and uprapers. The effort was compensated! Congratulations also to you for your crazy scoring!

  • Samulii: although he didn't score that much during the month, he also contributed a lot to the clan development. He suggested to make a discord channel which revealed to be the best tool to build a team spirit and keep people motivated. Thank you for your dedication not only by building dumpers, but also for your effort in making Lusitania a true team.

  • George: congratulations on a new personal record of monthly energy. If I'm not wrong, after Fishwick and Mr Poo you were the 3rd person that contributed more energy to the clan. You kept your motivation during all month and you really helped to achieve this victory and record. Next goal is energy HoF, you are very close, keep going!

  • Poe/Next Plus Ultra: I consider him a "new player", at least I didn't know him before. Persons like him are crucial to make the difference. He seems very motivated and I hope he really turns into an established player. You are in the good way, keep going, don't lose motivation and you will continue to do big things!

  • Luthrin: hated by many in this game, but to me you were a great discovery. You are probably the best team player with your strong commitment to the clan. Thank you for giving that much without asking nothing in return. After all, it was a very good decision to recruit you!

  • Seath/Detrimental: another new player for me. This month he scored a bit in the beginning but now he isn't playing which is a pitty because he has a great potential. Thank you for being so positive and I hope to have you back soon!

  • Chapo: we know each other since the beginning of Escapism. Thank you for your contribution, I didn't know you could score this much! Sigue d├índole fuerte hermano :)

  • Nosferatu: it's the Switzerland of bots4: neutral by scoring almost the same amount to Apex and to Lusitania. Congratulations on getting Lusitania's top 20 and contributing to this record!

  • hyp: another great addition to the team. I don't know much about you because you were in Eternal, but you are a good player. I'm glad to have you on the team. Get some tps please! :P

  • Myriad: what can I say about you? You are my mentor and when I decided to create Lusitania you didn't doubt in joining even though you would lose a secure top clan plat. A big thank you for still believe in me. You are the best bot of bots, the reason why we win tourneys and you keep the clan alive by filling treasury (thank god there's more people who are active to kick tourneys ;P). You also got into top 20 and I'm so happy that you make it and that you are part of the team who achieved this record.

  • Bazza: only scored at the beginning of the month but he still got top 20. I'm really glad to have you on the team. We never played together in the past and when I founded Lusitania it was clear to me that I wanted you on my team. Thank you for joining, I consider you a gentleman and I have a huge respect towards you because you are still playing this game despite your age!

  • Esvrainzas: I didn't get a bot into the top 20, except the 3 lowbies that I shared with the clan, but I got the GW after 5 years of my last one with Escapism. I didn't have much time to play this month and since it would be very hard to me to get top 10 (which motivates me to score consistently during the month), I decided to focus on helping as much as I could do scoring with shared bots and dumping with whores.

I'm very proud of this win because it was my main goal when I decided to found a new clan to compete against Apex and give some life to this game. My goals have been achieved and since the official start of Lusitania as a team (January 2024) it took us 5 months to get the win. I guess this proves that every clan can be defeated. You just need to work towards it and keep motivated into reaching your goal. This goes to all those players who were saying that Escapism was impossible to defeat and then told the same about Apex.

My next goals for Lusitania is to continue winning tourney, get a 2nd win and eventually get more wins than Apex during the year. It would be cool to achieve a long winning streak but that would be bad for the game because it would mean that Apex players would be retired.

In summary, it was an epic month for us. Now, since we are burnt from scoring intensively during a whole month, we will have some rest (I have stated that every member can go on vacations this month). Apex should have an easy win this month, but you can expect to be challenged often in the future!

Bitch Pudding [48]
2024-06-02 04:02:40
[14 days ago]

Congratz guys.

PeachCobbler [301]
2024-06-02 21:22:33
[13 days ago]

Who wants to take bets on how many Apex boys will 'Retire' now.

PsychoCosby [53]
2024-06-03 14:11:55
[12 days ago]

It's certainly a sad day in many basements. Keep your heads up guys. Don't hurt yourself.

Off [41]
2024-06-03 14:20:45
[12 days ago]

I will be leaving the game for a long while, my mother has graciously allowed me to leave the basement. I will go enjoy the sun for a few days, maybe weeks hopefully talk to another human, and finally be free of that stank odour of moldy basement and pizza pockets. Thanks guys it was fun while it lasted !!!! Cheers mom.

Execute [414]
2024-06-03 14:27:46
[12 days ago]

I honestly might kill my self, I can't handle the fact our winrate is 95% now over nearly 4 years when it used to be 97%, last night I sat in the corner of my basement and cried for a good 2 hours, somebody please help me.

Execute [414]
2024-06-03 14:35:54
[12 days ago]

As you can see my mind has totally gone from this devastating loss, I meant just over 3 years not nearly 4, please forgive me I'm all over the place at the moment!

zizu2 [30]
2024-06-03 17:58:25
[12 days ago]

i leave for 6 months and zach cant even beat startup clans of random people /s


Ryuzu [76]
2024-06-03 18:02:56
[12 days ago]
i leave for 6 months and zach cant even beat startup clans of random people /s :D

It's been 6 months already?!?!?!?! Man how time flies.

Btw, my mom cooks me Hot Pockets and I'm forced to take a bath every 3 weeks or so, so I'm not THAT big of lost case :( Although if you guys want to start up like a Uber Eats Anonymous Group we could do that.

Execute [414]
2024-06-03 18:05:24
[12 days ago]

Well you were a big loss for us we miss your god tier clicking. :P

Esvrainzas [300]
2024-06-03 18:11:41
[12 days ago]

Hey! I also want to recruit him if he plays again :P

Who will you chose? The hot Zach or the nice Esvrainzas?

zizu2 [30]
2024-06-03 18:13:12
[12 days ago]

zachs my favorite least favorite clan friend we just talked shit to eachother about our past failures till one of us quits

Ryuzu [76]
2024-06-03 18:19:44
[12 days ago]

Nah, he's obviously going to pick Zal, the best, most sexy player of all time. We'll make a new clan with a few players called Best Buds and beat the crap out of both Apex and Lusitinia and make you both cry ;D We'll get 20 million energy on 20 bots and then actually have heart attacks and die with two broken wrists and broken toes because we'll have to switch to them to get to 20 million.

And samulii said I'm not funny anymore :P

Triggered [31]
2024-06-03 19:35:54
[12 days ago]

You aren't. Don't quit your day job.

PeachCobbler [301]
2024-06-04 02:33:11
[12 days ago]

I bet your folks are proud

Luth [324]
2024-06-04 05:25:17
[11 days ago]

Being sobor now for nearly a year has offered/provided me with a clarity i have never experienced before.

My recommendation for all of you is a best friend BJ.

Bmail me.

Laurence [80]
2024-06-04 13:41:05
[11 days ago]

Wholesome <3

M12 [100]
2024-06-05 08:18:13
[10 days ago]


Ryuzu [76]
2024-06-05 11:58:43
[10 days ago]

Oh, after all that I forgot to say congratulations Lusitinia. Well done :)

Rames [52]
2024-06-06 15:39:37
[9 days ago]

It sure was fun to wake my old account to be involved with this race.

Cheers everyone!