Ender [1]
rank 9
2017-05-01 00:10:01
[201 days ago]

Congrats to ReneDescartes [290] for leading <Escapism> to victory in the April 2017 clan competition and securing a 20th George Washington platinum trophy! Monthly energy has been reset and a new round has begun.

rank clan owner energy month
1 <Escapism> ReneDescartes [290]
6,442,482 (x8.19)
2 <Pirate Haven> Master Blaster [100]
3,710,526 (x4.89)
3 <Reaper of souls> diablek [271]
1,487,773 (x1.76)
4 <Eternal> Shoegazer [103]
1,002,804 (x1.16)
5 <Berzerker Barbarians> mrvain [139]
972,991 (x1.13)
6 <KillThemAll> RaithenMaldrin [129]
963,569 (x1.23)
7 <Malicious Villainous> The Wilderness [44] 889,769 (x1.03)
8 <In Extremis> Redless [306] 873,916 (x1.01)
9 <Mental Remedy> AP1 [100] 873,890 (x1.01)
10 <Ophidian> Oph2 [100] 873,829 (x1.01)

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Fishwick [134]
2017-05-01 05:06:49
[200 days ago]

A frankly unnecessary score from Gpof, putting him at the second highest energy ever in a single month since updated EPH. Grats.

The Pirate [196]
rank 9
2017-05-01 12:05:26
[200 days ago]

Just wondering. Why would you use the word unnecessary to describe Gpof's achievement? Unnecessary means it wasn't needed or is unwanted. Maybe it wasn't really needed in the grand scheme of things but saying that kind of minimizes his achievement.

Myself, I would describe it as being simply an amazing accomplishment. He put in a maximum effort and he deserves to be congratulated, not marginalized...

But thats just me, I guess. I take different meaning out of words then others do. At any rate, Gpof, that was an amazing effort that you put in during April. Congratulations and a "very well done" from me. It wasn't unnecessary because you probably could have won the clan month all by yourself with no help from anyone else. Cheers.

Gpof2 [131]
rank 9
2017-05-01 12:55:19
[200 days ago]

Thanks guys, I had some help and motivation from a lot of people :) I'm pretty sure Fish meant it was unnecessary for the clan race, as opposed to my personal goals.

Either way I appreciate the kind words, and I'm glad you pirates were putting up a good fight which helped me (somewhat) justify using up so many resources for my own goals :P

Fishwick [134]
2017-05-01 15:02:34
[200 days ago]

Haha I used unnecessary just because he would have won the personal race with 1m, and Escapism didn't need the extra score, but gpof knows how impressed I was this month without me posting here. Surely me referencing him being 2nd of all time shows I was at least semi-proud? :p

Pothead [104]
2017-05-01 21:22:45
[200 days ago]

Gratz guys and wow gpof nice work on the tourney and the insane score it takes a lot of effort and patience to do that, much respect :)

Gpof2 [131]
rank 9
2017-05-01 21:58:13
[200 days ago]

Thanks man, and I'm sure you would know more than anyone :) Personally I'm more proud of the tourny so I'm glad you mentioned that, but I guess big numbers is what turns the most heads.

Juv0 [59]
rank 3
2017-05-01 22:05:07
[200 days ago]

Well done gpof2 well and truly an amazing achievement!

Execute [248]
rank 9
2017-05-01 22:05:54
[200 days ago]

gratz gpof now get some sleep already.