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Master Blaster
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United States
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Cutthroat of <Pirate Haven>
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2016-08-23 23:37:59 [1 year, 89 days ago]

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Master Blaster
[100] [HoF ranking: 2,875]
39,407 [HoF ranking: 247]
1,439,994 [HoF ranking: 359]
Energy month:
29,760 (x1.00) [HoF ranking: 188]
2011-04-15 09:38:13 [6 years, 222 days ago]
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9 days, 8 hours, 39 minutes, 54 seconds
[5 minutes, 35 seconds per day]
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Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2011 269th 889th 763rd 85th 688th 136th
2012 686th 947th 911th 534th 2,518th 758th 555th 731st 790th 813th 596th 648th
2013 662nd 677th 1,059th 705th 167th 763rd 529th - - - - -
2014 - - - - 1,433rd 1,169th 1,373rd 325th 913th - - -
2015 - - - - - - - - - - - -
2016 - - - - - - - 1,089th 11th 36th 18th 25th
2017 18th 32nd 23rd 27th 353rd 2,409th 1,082nd 968th 174th 269th

Tournament history

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Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2016 13 / 9th 13 / 15th
2017 13 / 13th 13 / 18th 11 / 15th 11 / 29th


Master Blaster has a long history in the game of Bots. In Bots 2 he made it all the way to level 240. This level 240 was attained by hard work and very little help from ("the best players in the game" whoever they were and it really doesn't matter at this point).

Master Blaster used training and what ever ratio whores he could find along the way, with most of these so called "ratio whores" being pretty much spent whores with ratios well under 1.0. In Bots 2 there were no trophy buffs to help you along (or sometimes actually hurt your progress when you ran out of trophy points.) Like everyone else in the game Master Blaster had to depend on his superior general over all build, equipment, weapons and (on the low side for a leveling bot) Int. (Of course its the same in Bots 4 but the build in Bots 2 was more critical IMO.)

At any rate, unfortunately Bots 2 died a sudden death and Master Blasters achievements were gone for ever.

The second incarnation of Master Blaster takes place in Bots 4 when he was born on 2011-04-15 09:38:13 [5 years, 321 days ago] from this date of 2/28/2017. 2/28/2017 will become significant later on in this story. Previous to this Bots 4 start date Master Blaster took part in the Bots 4 Open Beta with all of the game limitations turned off. He got up to a 350+ level which was easy because of the enhanced game dynamics.

Here's the point of this walk down memory lane. On Tuesday, February 28, 2017, 5:37:52 pm (EST) Master Blaster after several years in Bots 2 and 5 years and 321 days in Bots 4 has finally returned to a three (3) digit level number! This is important simply because Master Blasters role in Bots changed from being a pure leveling bot in Bots 2 to being an energy scoring bot in Bots 4. Obviously there is nothing that can be done about it now (other than maybe restarting him) but making Master Blaster be a scorer instead of a leveling bot was a very big mistake.

Master Blaster has literally been stuck at a pretty pitiful Runeblade level 72 bot for almost 6 years! It was decided to rebuild him back to a solid LEVEL 100 Titanium body armor / Plasma Sword energy bot where he will no longer be disrespected for in reality sucking for so damn long. That wasn't his fault, it was his stupid owners.

So now Master Blaster is back to a triple digit level number at 100. Will he be reworked once again in the future. Sure, why not, gawd (and Ender) willing. Cheers.

The fight that brought Master Blaster back to where he deserves to be, a triple digit level number.

Master Blaster vs. McCue

McCue poked Master Blaster with its runic talon, but it had no effect whatsoever. (0 damage)

damage report: 460/460 100 % left

Master Blaster missed McCue.

Master Blaster was blocked by McCue!

McCue poked Master Blaster with its runic talon, but it had no effect whatsoever. (0 damage)

damage report: 460/460 100 % left

Master Blaster turned McCue into a 2000-piece puzzle with its answerer. (502 damage) McCue is not looking too good.

Master Blaster degraded McCue to a Furby prototype with its answerer. (494 damage) McCue is a goner.

McCue's embossed plate takes some damage.

The battle is over. McCue is exhausted, but no energy is exchanged.

The B.O.T.S. Union takes 1 kudos from the loser, McCue, and gives it to you.

You selfishly keep it all for yourself (82,783 total).

Your bot gains 919,335 experience points (55,708,189 xp to next level).

Auto-repair: No repair costs have been deducted.

Your bot gains 1 level(s).

82 battles left until attack limit.

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Master Blaster has collected 88 of 318 trophies:







Platinum (1)

Gold (8)

Silver (18)

silver Top 250 Energy Month (x3)
Top 250 monthly energy in game. Awarded end of each month.
silver X-GF
Beat X-GF.
silver Terror TX
Beat Terror TX.
silver X-Telligence
Beat X-Telligence.
silver Turbo X
Beat Turbo X.
silver Triple Digits (x1)
Reached Level 100.
silver 5.0 Ratio
Have a 5.0 ratio with at least 100 wins.
silver Major STR
200 base strength.
silver Master Thief
Take more than 1,000,000 kudos from another bot at once.
silver Abraham Lincoln (x1)
Lead a clan to top 25 as owner. Awarded end of each month.
silver Seven Figures
Amassed a fortune of 1,000,000 kudos.
silver 1k Wins (x1)
Won 1,000 battles.
silver Can't Touch This
Win a fight without being damaged.
silver Quick Fingers
Beat someone to an item in the showroom.
silver Top 25 Clan (x2)
Member of top 25 clan. Awarded end of each month.
silver 1k Losses (x1)
Lost 1,000 battles.
silver Snowflake
Equipped a unique item in every armor slot.
silver Triple-Digit Damage
Did a 100+ damage hit in battle.

Bronze (61)

bronze Top 1,000 Energy Month (x25)
Top 1,000 monthly energy in game. Awarded end of each month.
bronze Minor DEX
100 base dexterity.
bronze X-Professional
Beat X-Professional.
bronze Level 75 (x1)
Reached level 75.
bronze Dickhead
Attack another bot while it is online.
bronze Top 100 Clan (x4)
Member of top 100 clan. Awarded end of each month.
bronze 2.0 Ratio
Have a 2.0 ratio with at least 100 wins.
bronze Tourney Clan Top 10 (x1)
Scored clan points in 4th-10th place tournament clan.
bronze Tourney Cat. 13 Top 10 (x1)
Came in 4th-10th place in tournament category 13.
bronze Theodore Roosevelt (x14)
Lead a clan to top 100 as owner. Awarded end of each month.
bronze Yeller
Set your bot's battle cry, victory message, and defeat message.
bronze Verified Email
Registered and verified an email address.
bronze Super GX
Beat Super GX.
bronze Giver
Donate to a clan.
bronze Kamikaze FX
Beat Kamikaze FX.
bronze Thief
Take more than 100,000 kudos from another bot at once.
bronze Insured
Buy insurance.
bronze TX-666
Beat TX-666.
bronze Represent
Select your country in your profile.
bronze TVR Demon
Beat TVR Demon.
bronze Changed Your Mind
Spent a redistribution point.
bronze X-Machine
Beat X-Machine.
bronze X-TerminA
Beat X-TerminA.
bronze Six Figures
Amassed a fortune of 100,000 kudos.
bronze Level 50 (x1)
Reached level 50.
bronze Unique Body
Equipped a unique body armor.
bronze TX-Guard
Beat TX-Guard.
bronze Unique Gloves
Equipped unique gloves.
bronze Minor STR
100 base strength.
bronze Unique Boots
Equipped unique boots.
bronze Terminatrix
Beat Terminatrix.
bronze 100 Losses (x1)
Lost 100 battles.
bronze Unique Helmet
Equipped a unique helmet.
bronze 100 Wins (x1)
Won 100 battles.
bronze 1.0 Ratio
Have a 1.0 ratio with at least 100 wins.
bronze Five Figures
Amassed a fortune of 10,000 kudos.
bronze 100 Trains (x1)
Trained 100 times.
bronze Private Socializer
Make a post on your clan forum.
bronze Level 25 (x1)
Reached level 25.
bronze Terminator 2002
Beat Terminator 2002.
bronze 10 Wins (x1)
Won 10 battles.
bronze Follower
Join a clan.
bronze Four Figures
Amassed a fortune of 1,000 kudos.
bronze Terminator 2000
Beat Terminator 2000.
bronze Double-Digit Damage
Did a 10+ damage hit in battle.
bronze T202
Beat T202.
bronze Three Figures
Amassed a fortune of 100 kudos.
bronze 10 Losses (x1)
Lost 10 battles.
bronze Skin Of Your Teeth
Win a fight with less than 5 HP remaining.
bronze Double Digits (x1)
Reached level 10.
bronze Suit Up
Equipped an item in every slot.
bronze 10 Trains (x1)
Trained 10 times.
bronze On The Offense
Equipped two weapons.
bronze Infant
Beat Infant.
bronze Flexibility
Bought a redistribution point.
bronze Trainmate
Beat Trainmate.
bronze Public Socializer
Make a post on the public forums.
bronze Messenger
Send a botmail.
bronze Beautiful You
Set your profile image.
bronze Beautiful Bot
Set your bot's profile image.
bronze Beautiful Color
Change your bot's color


Shadows are faded memories of what once was. Master Blaster has never been reset.