Ender [1]
rank 9
2017-09-01 00:10:01
[1 year, 198 days ago]

Congrats to ReneDescartes [290] for leading <Escapism> to victory in the August 2017 clan competition and securing a 24th George Washington platinum trophy! Monthly energy has been reset and a new round has begun.

rank clan owner energy month
1 <Escapism> ReneDescartes [290]
8,846,426 (x9.98)
2 <Reborn> Execute [337]
8,609,361 (x10.29)
3 <Pirate Haven> The Pirate [225]
1,265,578 (x1.50)
4 <Reaper of souls> diablek [271]
1,058,966 (x1.19)
5 <Silence is Golden> The Goddess [145]
965,590 (x1.13)
6 <Berzerker Barbarians> mrvain [139]
953,052 (x1.07)
7 <Rapture> Satanus Inaximasus [335]
917,581 (x1.03)
8 <Mordor> eee190 [69] 916,631 (x1.03)
9 <Mental Remedy> AP1 [100] 909,843 (x1.02)
10 <In Extremis> Rigor Mortis [250] 909,578 (x1.02)

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Gpof2 [131]
rank 9
2017-09-01 00:17:01
[1 year, 198 days ago]

Awesome month everyone, most scoring by the top 2 competing clans since Eternals record high energy month.

Pinoy [79]
2017-09-01 00:42:14
[1 year, 198 days ago]

Its the second highest monthly energy? Rather not gpof? But it was awesome. We both got some reserves but it was unable to win over you guys this time.

Executed [134]
2017-09-01 00:47:49
[1 year, 198 days ago]

Good month cya next time

Unit [31]
rank 9
2017-09-01 00:54:39
[1 year, 198 days ago]

Tough competition this month, good hustle right until the end Reborn. Better luck next time :)

Esvrainzas [250]
rank 9
2017-09-01 05:03:23
[1 year, 198 days ago]

It was a good scoring month indeed. That 1.5M lead was very very scary and I wasn't unsure if we could cut it.

Anyway, I want to congratulate Execute for his success in bringing competition to a level resembling past races with Eternal where records were broken.

I also want to congratulate Execute and Osh for their >1M scores. Not many scored that monthly energy.

Sadly I need to point out the most important event in this month which was Eternal disappearance. It's sad to see that legacy gone no matter what.

Let's see what future brings to bots4 after this month.

Osh [74]
2017-09-01 05:14:24
[1 year, 198 days ago]

Thanks ^.^ Was a good month, especially when I wasn't being onlined :')

Well done Escapism on yet another win and getting closer to your 17 Month Goal.

Reborn will succeed ;)