Ender [1]
rank 9
2019-08-01 00:10:02
[73 days ago]

Congrats to Storm of Memories [150] for leading <Torment> to victory in the July 2019 clan competition and securing a 1st George Washington platinum trophy! Monthly energy has been reset and a new round has begun.

rank clan owner energy month
1 <Torment> Storm of Memories [150] 5,207,870 (x6.22)
2 <Escapism> Myriad [403]
3,438,134 (x3.86)
3 <Strung Out> El Hefe [394]
2,188,907 (x2.79)
4 <The Foundation> LARAMIE [40]
1,694,364 (x1.90)
5 <Pirate Haven> The Pirate [300]
1,493,781 (x1.70)
6 <Thunder Storm> Thunder01 [100] 1,054,645 (x1.18)
7 <Platinium Squad> olli [270]
1,000,621 (x1.13)
8 <Waste> Eee687 [100]
995,899 (x1.12)
9 <Metsu> teacup [100]
983,944 (x1.11)
10 <Silence is Golden> Bitch Pudding [60] 980,786 (x1.17)

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Fishwick [135]
rank 9
2019-08-01 17:11:53
[72 days ago]

eScApIsM ArE ToO sTrOnG

Congrats Torment :)

Gpof2 [131]
rank 9
2019-08-01 17:37:37
[72 days ago]

BuT tOrMEnt iS eScAPisM

grats doods

Destruct [34]
rank 9
2019-08-01 18:32:03
[72 days ago]

something dumpers needed to do anything in this game something

Esvrainzas [300]
rank 9
2019-08-02 02:44:27
[72 days ago]

Yeah clearly we agreed that this month Torment would win the clan race... and the tourney... and now we will do a barbacoa all together in my house to celebrate it.

Anyway, good job Torment and congratulations. Don't forget that this month is ours as the next one but October is your time to win ok? Ups this was secret, don't tell the other clans please.

Silence is Golden [40]
rank 9
2019-08-02 09:25:36
[72 days ago]

^Didn't really look like you guys went all out and/or cared about winning all that much, though.

Congrats to Torment \o/

Arkuden [334]
rank 9
2019-08-02 09:35:24
[72 days ago]

It’s funny that people say it’s Escapism VS Escapism because everyone from Torment is actually originally from Eternal when they were still a competitive clan before they died. Sam, Tucks, Fifty, Bazza.. all Eternal. The only outcast is Kevin but he wasn’t around back then

MrZal2 [100]
2019-08-14 16:27:55
[60 days ago]

I'm just wondering what a barbacoa is.

I mean, is it a snake that can cook burgers?

Off topic I know but so is all the stuff about how rigged the system is ;D

Esvrainzas [300]
rank 9
2019-08-14 16:53:31
[59 days ago]

Lol barbacoa is barbecue in spanish. When you speak 3 languages regularly you make mistakes and start mixing everything :S