ACE 08

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ACE 08
United Kingdom
Recruit of <Peace>
Joined clan:
2019-04-13 12:18:42 [1 year, 88 days ago]

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ACE 08
[275] [HoF ranking: 130]
24,450 [HoF ranking: 517]
562,470 [HoF ranking: 542]
Energy month:
13,380 (x1.00) [HoF ranking: 169]
2012-09-04 14:14:40 [7 years, 310 days ago]
Played time:
3 days, 16 hours, 51 minutes, 27 seconds
[1 minute, 51 seconds per day]
offline [last seen 174 days ago]
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Energy history

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2012 - - - -
2013 - - 1,028th 101st 79th 535th 381st 79th 326th 72nd 877th 76th
2014 615th 330th 135th 66th 84th 76th 91st 94th 53rd 575th 562nd 635th
2015 89th 569th 70th 628th 555th 87th 79th 514th 478th 79th 460th 486th
2016 514th 130th 89th 70th 54th 49th 97th 467th 470th 449th 451st 433rd
2017 446th 530th 1,637th 484th 571st 543rd 574th 108th 240th 521st 604th 446th
2018 461st 168th 397th 507th 470th 461st 547th 533rd 57th 542nd 581st 511th
2019 491st 445th 38th 1,186th 452nd 2,559th 492nd 508th 428th 447th 481st 3,004th
2020 651st 514th 501st 543rd 393rd 685th

Tournament history

ACE 08 is not a joiner. They have never participated in a tournament!



ACE 08 has collected 117 of 318 trophies:







Platinum (12)

Gold (17)

Silver (26)

silver Top 25 Clan (x12)
Member of top 25 clan. Awarded end of each month.
silver Turbo X
Beat Turbo X.
silver X-Telligence
Beat X-Telligence.
silver Terror TX
Beat Terror TX.
silver X-GF
Beat X-GF.
silver Titan XL
Beat Titan XL.
silver X-Bot
Beat X-Bot.
silver XTC
Beat XTC.
silver 1k Trains (x1)
Trained 1,000 times.
silver X-Terminal
Beat X-Terminal.
silver X-Terminator
Beat X-Terminator.
silver 1k Losses (x1)
Lost 1,000 battles.
silver Major DEX
200 base dexterity.
silver Level 125 (x1)
Reached level 125.
silver Triple Digits (x1)
Reached Level 100.
silver Major STR
200 base strength.
silver Top 250 Energy Month (x6)
Top 250 monthly energy in game. Awarded end of each month.
silver 1k Wins (x1)
Won 1,000 battles.
silver 5.0 Ratio
Have a 5.0 ratio with at least 100 wins.
silver Can't Touch This
Win a fight without being damaged.
silver Seven Figures
Amassed a fortune of 1,000,000 kudos.
silver Triple-Digit Damage
Did a 100+ damage hit in battle.
silver Snowflake
Equipped a unique item in every armor slot.
silver Level 25 NaN (x1)
Make it to level 25 without losing a fight.
silver Quick Fingers
Beat someone to an item in the showroom.
silver Trashed
Wear an item's durability down to 0.

Bronze (62)

bronze Top 100 Clan (x27)
Member of top 100 clan. Awarded end of each month.
bronze Top 1,000 Energy Month (x55)
Top 1,000 monthly energy in game. Awarded end of each month.
bronze Top 100 DEX (x11)
Top 100 base dexterity in game. Awarded end of each month.
bronze Top 100 Level (x4)
Top 100 level in game. Awarded end of each month.
bronze Public Socializer
Make a post on the public forums.
bronze Quitter
Quit a clan.
bronze X-Machine
Beat X-Machine.
bronze TVR Demon
Beat TVR Demon.
bronze Kamikaze FX
Beat Kamikaze FX.
bronze TX-666
Beat TX-666.
bronze Super GX
Beat Super GX.
bronze X-Professional
Beat X-Professional.
bronze On The Defense
Equipped a weapon and a shield.
bronze Minor DEX
100 base dexterity.
bronze Minor INT
100 base intelligence.
bronze Minor CON
100 base constitution.
bronze Level 75 (x1)
Reached level 75.
bronze Verified Email
Registered and verified an email address.
bronze Private Socializer
Make a post on your clan forum.
bronze 100 Losses (x1)
Lost 100 battles.
bronze Giver
Donate to a clan.
bronze Messenger
Send a botmail.
bronze Follower
Join a clan.
bronze Thief
Take more than 100,000 kudos from another bot at once.
bronze 10 Losses (x1)
Lost 10 battles.
bronze Dickhead
Attack another bot while it is online.
bronze 100 Wins (x1)
Won 100 battles.
bronze 1.0 Ratio
Have a 1.0 ratio with at least 100 wins.
bronze 2.0 Ratio
Have a 2.0 ratio with at least 100 wins.
bronze Skin Of Your Teeth
Win a fight with less than 5 HP remaining.
bronze 10 Wins (x1)
Won 10 battles.
bronze Level 50 (x1)
Reached level 50.
bronze TX-Guard
Beat TX-Guard.
bronze Terminatrix
Beat Terminatrix.
bronze Changed Your Mind
Spent a redistribution point.
bronze Six Figures
Amassed a fortune of 100,000 kudos.
bronze Unique Boots
Equipped unique boots.
bronze Minor STR
100 base strength.
bronze Unique Helmet
Equipped a unique helmet.
bronze Terminator 2002
Beat Terminator 2002.
bronze Five Figures
Amassed a fortune of 10,000 kudos.
bronze Level 25 (x1)
Reached level 25.
bronze Unique Gloves
Equipped unique gloves.
bronze Unique Body
Equipped a unique body armor.
bronze Terminator 2000
Beat Terminator 2000.
bronze 100 Trains (x1)
Trained 100 times.
bronze Four Figures
Amassed a fortune of 1,000 kudos.
bronze T202
Beat T202.
bronze T101
Beat T101.
bronze Double-Digit Damage
Did a 10+ damage hit in battle.
bronze Suit Up
Equipped an item in every slot.
bronze Double Digits (x1)
Reached level 10.
bronze Level 10 NaN (x1)
Make it to level 10 without losing a fight.
bronze Three Figures
Amassed a fortune of 100 kudos.
bronze 10 Trains (x1)
Trained 10 times.
bronze On The Offense
Equipped two weapons.
bronze Herp Derp
Equip the worst weapon in the game.
bronze Trainmate
Beat Trainmate.
bronze Represent
Select your country in your profile.
bronze Beautiful Color
Change your bot's color
bronze Flexibility
Bought a redistribution point.
bronze Infant
Beat Infant.


Shadows are faded memories of what once was. ACE 08 has never been reset.